10 gift ideas for your cat

You consider your cat as a full member of your family so, like the others, he also has the right to receive his little package at the foot of the tree on Christmas Day. This gift should be less of a headache than the others because your cat will no doubt accept it, whatever you offer him. But after a few years, it can get tougher so as not to go into repetition. A gift yes, but preferably useful. We know how much you love your kitty, and remember that it’s the thought that counts. To help you in your choice, here is a list of 10 original gift ideas to offer to your cat for Christmas!

1. A game circuit

A game circuit is a toy perfectly adapted to felines since it allows develop their hunting instinct without going outside. This system allows the cat not only to exercise physically, but also mentally. The goal is to try to extract the ball from the holes of the circuit to catch it.

2. A kibble maze

Who said mealtimes shouldn’t be fun? Turn mealtime into a fun time for your cat. A maze tower for your furball will help it eat slower and his intellect will be greatly stimulated since he will have to understand how the dispenser works to be able to release his precious kibble!

3. A cat hammock

Your little feline also needs to relax, so why not offer him a hammock? Near a hot spotyour cat will surely bask in it for hours.

hamac chat
Credits : Ben-Schonewille / iStock

4. A toy niche

If cats love cardboard boxes or kennels, it’s becausethey feel safe in these small confined spaces.

chat niche
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5. Wall walkways

The wall walkways allow your cat to let off steam and practice physical activity on a daily basis. And then, his acrobatics are worth the detour!

wall course
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6. Christmas treats

Specially created for cats, of course!

cat language christmas
Credits: Rawpixel / iSTock

7. A water fountain

Because clean and fresh water, constantly renewed, will make him want to drink much more than his bowl of stagnant water!

cat water fountain
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8. A new toy

Your cat must get tired of always playing with the same toys. So vary the pleasures!

cat plush toy christmas
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9. A scraper

The scraper is very easy to make yourself. Take a brush with long, thick bristles or a long rod like those of bottle brushes and attach it to a board, a piece of carpet or a table leg. Your cat will be able to scratch when the mood strikes.

black cat lying rug claws look
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10. Catnip

Because all cats, even those living in apartments, sometimes need to purge !

catmint catmint
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And of course, the best gift you can give your little feline is unlimited love.

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