10 good reasons to adopt a black cat

Black cats are among the least adopted cats, especially in shelters. The reason ? Their reputation as an unlucky, even diabolical cat, sticks to their skin. However, there are many reasons to adopt a black cat rather than another. Here are 10!

1. Because you are a rebel

You dubious superstitions don’t care. Especially since in England and Asia, black cats are considered synonymous with luck and happiness. Like what it’s all c***ies.

2. Because they are beautiful

No, the physical is not everything. But still. Black cats have a particularly fascinating jet coat. You will undoubtedly be able to spend hours admiring your cat without moving.

3. Because they are rare

Persecuted during the Middle Ages, black cats from head to toe are now particularly rare. Having a black cat is therefore not given to everyone.

4. Because it’s classy

Despite their sinister reputation, black cats fascinate. Their black color brings out their noble and mysterious gaze, which gives them a particularly bewitching air.

5. Because you are an original

You, the mystery, it does not scare you. On the other hand, you like to pass for an original, someone different from the others. With a black cat, you won’t be seen as Mr. or Mrs. Everybody, that’s for sure.

black cat portrait
Credits: skeeze/Pixabay

6. Because you like to dress in black

We’re not going to lie to each other, it’s almost impossible to dress in black when you have a cat at home. White, brown, gray hairs fly everywhere and land irretrievably on your clothes. With a black cat, you will no longer have this problem and will be able to bring all your black clothes out of the closet.

7. Because you will do a good deed

Black cats are often the most neglected in shelters, adopters preferring to leave with a cat with a more “friendly” appearance. By adopting one, you will therefore make one (very) happy as well as a good deed! We all have the right to happiness, after all…

8. Because you were a Bagheera fan

As a child, you made The Jungle Book your Bible. And for good reason, you had literally fallen in love with Bagheera, this black panther ready to do anything to protect Mowgli. And let’s stop lying to us, his courage and righteousness continue to inspire you even today…

9. Because it’s practical for Halloween

Yes, with a black cat at home, you don’t even need decoration!

10. Because you’ve always dreamed of being a witch

Long accused of being witches’ best friends and helping them vampirize children, black cats were savagely burned at the stake at the time. If you’ve always been fascinated by these witchcraft stories, having a black cat by your side seems like the basics.

And for those fascinated by the Land of the Rising Sun, what could be better thancall your cat – or your dog – by a name of Japanese origin !