10 ideas to make it more fun for your cat

Even if you live in a small space, like a studio for example, this is not why your cat should be bored all day. In fact, there are multiple ways to make your apartment more entertaining and stimulating for your feline. Rest assured, nothing very sophisticated. Only a few simple adjustments can be enough to improve your hairball’s daily life!

1. Wall shelves

It’s well known, cats love to climb and perch on high places. This allows them not only toobserve their surroundings without being seen, but also to be able to react immediately in case of danger. However, it is not because you live in a small apartment that you cannot offer such points of observation to your cat.

In reality, there are wall shelves that you can fix on your walls, from floor to ceiling. And the more, the better! Note that this will also allowexpand your cat’s territoryand just for that he will be all the happier.

cat wall shelves
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2. A cat tree

It is the basic accessory that every cat owner must have. And for good reason, the cat tree is the central element of a feline’s territory. It serves as a refuge, a scratching post but also a playground. In short, it brings together everything that our feline friends appreciate.

And although a large cat tree would be particularly welcome for a cat that does not have access to the outside, there are also smaller ones that do just as much. As long as your cat has other possibilities for entertainment, install a cat tree which does not take up much space on the ground but which is relatively high is quite possible. Typically, the simplest models consist of a scratching post and one or more elevated platforms, with or without dangling toys.

cat tree
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3. A window with a view

As long as they have always lived in an apartment, cats don’t necessarily feel the need to go outside. However, this does not mean that they do not like to watch what happens there! And there are things going on outside between the birds flying, the people passing by, the clouds undulating in the wind…

So, so that your cat can benefit a little from this outside world, do not hesitate to set up a cozy spot for him on a window sill. But be careful not to leave it open!

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4. Scratchers at will

Scratching is an activity in its own right with our friends the cats. It allows them not only to maintain their claws, but also to stretch and mark their territory. In fact, it is essential that they can have access to one or more scratching posts dedicated to this activity in their environment.

To prevent your cat from scratching your sofa, install several scratching posts in your interior. And do not hesitate to vary the forms ! Indeed, some can be vertical, others horizontal, and there are even corner scratching posts and wall scratching posts.

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5. A corner scraper

You have surely already noticed that your cat particularly appreciates rubbing its head against the furniture (but also against you). It’s actually a way for him to deploy its scent on each object in its territory. This way he feels at home and safe.

To respond to this natural instinct while allowing your cat to feel good, consider install on the corners of your furniture (sofa, tables, chairs, etc.) one or more scrapers. Immediate de-stressing effect!

The explanatory video :

6. Plants for cats

Even though many plants are poisonous for cats, others have a beneficial effect on them. This is particularly the case of catnip, which has the advantage of allowing them to purge themselves. We also mention the catnipwhose euphoric effect is highly appreciated by most cats.

In any case, know that these plants can be grown indoors. In addition to not taking up space, they will bring a touch of greenery to your apartment. All while making your cat happy!

natural deworming cat
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7. Interactive toys

Balls, bells and other fake mice aren’t the only toys you can give your cat. There are much more entertaining games, such as puzzlesthem interactive food dispensers or even the toys hanging from doorknobs and windows.

The objective of all these games is the same: stimulate the hunting instinct of your cat as well as its thinking skills, all while having a lot of fun!

puzzle chat
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8. Hammocks

To offer your cat places of its own while optimizing space, consider opting for hammocks. These latter can be installed anywhere : between four bars of chairs, between four table legs, between two walls, on a door, a radiator…

You’ll see, it won’t take long for your cat to make these hammocks their favorite sleeping places!

hamac chat
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9. Play time!

It is absolutely essential. In effect, play with your cat every day is not an option but rather a duty. And for good reason, there is nothing better to amuse a cat than to make it play with its human. Because, contrary to what we tend to believe, the cat is not a solitary and independent animal. He is just as attached to his master as the dog except that he does not show it.

Player at least 30 minutes every day with your cat will therefore not only entertain him, but also strengthen your relationship.

cat plays
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10. A harness and leash

If your cat is the daring type, why not try take it for a walk ? All you need to do is invest in a cat harness, a leash and above all a lot of patience. In effect, learning to go outdoors is not always easy for a cat. But, if it works, it could be a great way to allow your pet to discover something other than the four walls of your apartment.

To succeed, do not take your cat directly to the street. Start by getting him used to wearing a harness, then to wearing a leash. Once you feel it ready, then make your first exit on the landing, then in the stairwell, then in the building hall, etc. In all cases, never force itit is he who sets the pace!

cat on a leash
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