10 infallible arguments to convince your spouse or parents to adopt a cat

You’ve only dreamed of this for months, but the person who shares your life is categorical on the subject: he doesn’t want a cat! Whether it’s for the hair, the hygiene, the constraints that it creates or the cost, he always has a good reason. But you too can have arguments…

1. It’s good for your health

You know the purrtherapy ? This care technique uses the cat’s purrs to relieve stress and lower heart rate and blood pressure. It also helps to fight against insomnia and promote good humor. Indeed, the purrs of our tomcats produce serotonin, considered the hormone of happiness. A personal therapist at home is helpful, right?

2. You will no longer be alone

Some of us need to have a permanent presence by their side in order to feel reassured. If your significant other or your parents usually come home late at night, a cat could help you feel less isolated and bring you all the affection you need.

3. A cat is independent

Unlike dogs, cats are not dependent on their humans. On the contrary, most tomcats like to make their life on their side while coming for a hug from time to time or a moment of play. They do not need to be taken out to relieve themselves and they sleep almost 18 hours a day. Not really binding, right?

4. A cat is very clean

The daily toilet is an activity that cats wouldn’t miss for the world. They constantly need to clean themselves and remove any dirt that could cling to their beautiful coat. It’s not a cat that will dirty your house!

5. There are cat breeds that don’t shed

If it is the hair that is the problem, know that there are breeds of cats that are hairless or that shed very little. This is the case of the Siberian cat, the Devon Rex, the Cornish Rex, the Korat or even the Sphynx. Convenient for allergy sufferers!

chat sphynx
Credit: s3jelv/Pixabay

6. There are self-cleaning litter boxes

Having to change the litter every week can be a real hassle for some cat owners. And let’s not talk about the smells! But a small revolution has recently appeared on the cat litter market: the self-cleaning litter. It consists of a tray and a removable tray and mostly battery operated.

After the passage of the cat, the litter encloses the droppings on its own in a bag that the master will only have to throw away once it is filled (about once a month). To buy this type of litter, count a hundred euros.

7. A cat is economical

Initially, investments in the equipment needed to adopt a cat can be expensive (litter, bowls, carrying bag, toys, cat tree, etc.). But, in the end, a cat will spend its life content with a bowl of kibble and a little water. In any case, it won’t cost more than a goldfish.

8. A cat can chase away pests

Do you have rats or mice in your attic? Adopting a cat will rid you of these unwanted rodents and many other pests. The whole, in an ecological way and economical!

9. A cat is silent

Well, of course, he meows. But only to eat or to go out. And it doesn’t make as much noise as a barking dog. So we bet that it will never be a subject of quarrel with your neighbors.

10. A cat helps fight allergies

That is the unstoppable argument. The sledgehammer. If your partner doesn’t want a cat, tell him that’s too bad, because if one day you have a baby, the presence of a cat at home will make it immune to many allergies (animals, mites, pollen, etc.). And in addition, his immune system will be naturally strengthened.

It’s for the sake of our future children, darling…


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