10 tips to protect him from your cat

For you, Christmas is not Christmas without a beautiful, well-decorated tree. Only small problem: you have a cat. However, we know that our feline friends are particularly curious and tend to approach a little too close to the trees when they see one enthroned in the middle of their living room. Result: the tree is taken for a cat tree and ransacked in barely one night. Not only is it sad for the tree and for all the time you spent decorating it, but it can also be very dangerous for your cat. So that your tree AND your cat can have a safe Christmas, follow these tips.

1. Go plastic

So of course, buying a plastic tree can be considered a real sin for lovers of Christmas magic, but it is significantly less dangerous for your cat. Indeed, fir is a particularly harmful plant for felines.

If your cat had the wrong idea of drink the water from the pot of the fir tree, he could become intoxicated. Likewise if he came to chew the leaves. And let’s not talk about needles he might ingest and which could pierce his intestine! In short, you will have understood that even if the idea of ​​a plastic tree, in addition to not being very “zero waste”, makes your hair stand on end, know that it could save your cat’s life.

2. Choose a small tree

Whether natural or plastic, your Christmas tree should be small. Indeed, a small fir tree will be less temptation for your cat only a beautiful and large fir tree just waiting to be climbed. Moreover, if it falls on him, he will not be able to hurt him.

3. Make sure it’s stable

If you can’t do without a large tree, at least make sure it is particularly stable. Thus, your cat will not risk getting a tree on its head if it takes the urge to play with it.

To do this, buy a fir tree with a wide and heavy baseplant it in a heavy sandbox or fix it to the wall using a screw and a wire. The objective is that it resists the attacks of your feline.

christmas tree kitten
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4. Don’t tempt your cat

The garlands or even the hanging balls are of true incitement to crime for your cat. He has only one desire: to play with it. Not only could he damage your decorations, but he could also put his life in danger. Indeed, there are many risks it runs: risk of burns and electrocution with electric garlands, risk of choking and bowel obstruction with traditional garlands and small decorations, risk of injury with the glass balls that can fall and break, risk of poisoning with artificial snow, mistletoe or holly…

In order to avoid tempting your cat and thus perhaps saving his life, opt for less flashy decorations made with natural materials that won’t hurt him.

5. Try oranges

L’citrus smell acts as a real repellent on our friends the cats. So, to keep your tomcat away from your tree, don’t hesitate to lay out orange peels all around the trunk. You can also distribute orange wedges on the tree. This will have the merit of keeping your cat away and decorating your tree!

To get other ideas for all natural cat repellents and safe for your feline, read our article on the subject!

6. Divert your cat’s attention

In order to prevent your hairball from destroying your Christmas tree, do not hesitate to create a play area for him under the tree. Place toys, catnip, catnip in it and install on the lowest branches your strongest decorations and safe for him.

Perhaps your feline’s desire for play and destruction will be satisfied and he will turn away from the tree…

cat christmas tree
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7. Scare him

The good thing about cats is that they are easily spooked. Thus, do not hesitate to place on the ground, all around your Christmas tree, papier d’aluminum. Indeed, cats hate walking on this material because it makes noise. By wanting to approach the tree, your cat will scare himself and will certainly not try the experiment again.

Similarly, use talking toys, music boxes, in short anything that makes noise to dissuade your cat from approaching your tree!

8. Move furniture

As you know, your cat is an excellent climber. In order to prevent it from attacking your tree frontally, place it in a place in the house where there is no furniture nearby on which your tomcat could climb. Otherwise, move the furniture for the holidays.

9. Insulate the tree

Another trick is to place the tree in a room with a door and that you can close at night or when you are away from home. Thus, your cat will never have the opportunity to approach the tree without supervision.

10. Take out the gifts at the last moment

If you don’t want your cat to be tempted to approach your tree, don’t take out gifts until the last moment. Indeed, Christmas gifts are very attractive for cats who adore shred their packaging.

To avoid ruining Christmas morning and having to rush your cat to the vet because he swallowed wrapping paper, don’t take your eyes off the presents.

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