20 good reasons to have a cat at home

A person choosing to adopt a cat should not have the same expectations as if they decide to adopt a dog. Felines may not always be unanimous wherever you are, but the main thing is that you know all the good reasons to have a cat at home!

The fight between dog lovers and cat lovers rages on and it’s not about to stop. You should know that each species has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have a preference for cats, it’s certainly for all the good reasons below and we understand you!

1. No need to take it out

Unlike dogs, cats don’t need to go out to relieve themselves, or even take a walk to let off steam.

2. It doesn’t require much maintenance

Since he hates getting wet and grooms himself, the cat does not require much care.

3. He poops in a litter box

In a litter or outside, but always alone like grown-ups.

4. He can stay home alone.

And this, for a whole day!

5. It brings almost the same benefits as a married life, without the disadvantages

With a cat, you will never feel alone again.

6. It prevents the risk of allergies

It’s not a myth. When a child grows up alongside a cat, they are less likely to develop allergies.

7. It has a long lifespan

A cat’s life expectancy is longer than most pets. Indeed, some cats can easily exceed the age of 20, or even live to be 30!

8. He is very protective

It’s not just dogs that know how to defend their family members. Cats, too, can be particularly threatening if they sense their beloved humans being threatened.

9. He likes to sleep a lot

Especially in the company of his master! And what could be better than falling asleep to the soft purr of your fur ball…

10. He entertains children

Having a cat also means being able to take advantage of the time children spend playing with the cat to do things for themselves.

child hug cat
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11. It doesn’t need a lot of space

As long as it is sufficiently stimulated, especially through play, a cat can adapt to any situation. He just needs a cat tree and a comfortable bed.

12. It can kill the little critters crawling around your house

Rodents, insects and other undesirables won’t last long with this born hunter.

13. He is very independent

A cat does what it wants when it wants and where it wants. And he doesn’t need anyone to wipe his ass.

14. He is more economical than a dog

Whether in food costs or veterinary costs, having a cat is definitely less expensive than having a cat.

15. He is very clean

It is not he who would forget himself on the mat. Or else it is because he will have a very good reason to do so.

cat litter
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16. His purrs are good for your health.

Thanks to your cat’s purring, your blood pressure will decrease and your heart rate will calm down. This makes it possible to limit the risk of cardiovascular accidents in particular.

17. He knows how to adapt to most accommodations

Whether you live in a studio or on a huge property, your cat will quickly know how to feel at home.

18. He Empowers Kids

A good way for them to learn to take care of someone other than themselves.

19. It helps fight stress

The purrs of cats have the gift of greatly reducing stress in humans. It’s proven.

20. He makes you laugh

The cat is a rather surprising animal. He has the gift of making us laugh, sometimes in spite of himself, by always putting himself in surprising situations.

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