3 reasons to NEVER put a bell on your cat’s collar

Many cat owners do not hesitate to attach a small bell to their feline’s collar. Some do it simply to be able to locate their tomcat at all times, others to alert the birds of its presence and prevent it from bringing prey home, and still others simply because they find it cute. . In any case, know that it is strongly advised not to put a bell or a bell on your cat. That’s why.

1. It makes him deaf

Since the bell is located on the collar, in the immediate vicinity of the cat’s ear, this may have adverse effects on his hearing. Indeed, it can, over time, lose hearingor even become deaf.

If you don’t want to end up with a deaf cat when it is barely a few years old, it is better to avoid the bell!

2. It makes him nervous

The cat is a calm and peaceful being. However, hearing the sound of a bell constantly could shake his zen attitude and to have tendency to irritate and stress him.

Credits: GluePromsiri / iStock

However, if your cat becomes nervous, it could start adopting a aggressive behaviour, not only towards you but also towards your children or the other animals of the family. For everyone’s well-being and to avoid jeopardizing your daily life with your cat, forget the bell.

3. It drives him crazy

Imagine having the perpetual sound of a bell that follows you everywhere and that goes off at the slightest of your movements, even when you sleep… It’s enough to drive you crazy, don’t you think? If that can drive you crazy, it’s exactly the same for your cat.

If you are still not convinced, do not hesitate to make a simple test. Hang a collar around your neck with the bell you want to put on your cat and keep it on you for several days. And especially, never leave her, even for sleeping, showering, driving or going to work. If at the end of the first day you are not already fed up, congratulations! So, you like it ?