5 received ideas to forget absolutely!

There are many prejudices about cats and their behavior. While it’s true that cats can sometimes be less docile than dogs, that’s not always the case. Cats also possess many qualities that other pets do not have. Here are 5 misconceptions about cats.

1. Cats like to be alone

It is true that the cat is an independent animal. That said, not all cats do. Some will like to have a few moments of solitude, others, on the contrary, will not bear to be alone. Also, cats are very affectionate if they feel loved in return. A neglected cat can feel lonely and abandoned and can even get depressed. So just because your cat is more independent than a dog doesn’t mean he doesn’t need tenderness.

2. Cats always land on their feet

Cats are actually very agile. Thanks to the structure of their cerebellum and their inner ear, it is true that in the event of a fall from a certain height, cats are able to perform a rotation allowing them to land on their feet. However, if the fall is too short and the cat does not have time to turn around, it is also possible that it does not land on its paws, and even that it hurts itself.

3. Cats purr when they’re happy.

Cats actually purr for different reasons: when they’re happy, but also when they’re stressed and even when they suffer. So don’t always equate a purr with a feeling of joy.

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4. Cats get attached to places, not to their owners.

Even if it is true that on this point cats are different from dogs and attach themselves to their place of life, there is however nothing that proves that cats are not attached to their master for all that.

5. Cats are cruel animals

Like all predators, cats play with their prey. It’s not about cruelty, just d’instinct. If your cat is playing with a mouse it has just injured, it is simply because it is not hungry.


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