5 things to know about the biggest cat in the world

The Maine Coon is a majestic-looking cat. Its impressive fur and giant size make it an unusual cat. Considered a cat-dog, he has been the favorite cat of the French since 2012.

1. The biggest cat in the world

Can measure up to 1 meter and reach up to 14 kg, the Maine Coon is the largest breed of domestic cat on the planet. His wild cat appearance none the less elegant. Like wildcats and lynxes, his ears end in a small tuft of hair.

Endowed with a fur worthy of a small lion which makes it even more imposing, it also has a robust musculature.

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2. Controversial origins

Legend has it that the name “Maine Coon” came from the mating of wild cats living in the state of Maine, USA, and raccoons (“raccoon” in English). Of course, this is impossible. Another legend has it that this cat was brought to the American continent by the Vikings in their ships.

More seriously, it could be the result of a cross between semi-wild Maine cats and Angora cats imported from Asia by English settlers. It’s the first recognized purebred cat in the United States. This semi-long haired cat was very successful in Europe in the 1990s.

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3. He loves water

The Maine Coon is one of those rare cats that loves water. Indeed, nothing amuses him more than plunging his paws into his bowl of water. He likes too drink directly from the water fountains and if it gets everywhere, so much the better!

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4. A working cat

The Maine Coon is often considered the most dog of cats. Indeed, it is very easy to trainquickly learns to retrieve a small ball and can even be walked on a leash!

It also has a hunter instinct very developed. He will thus be very happy in the countryside where he will not only be able to exert himself as he pleases and satisfy his instinct for freedom, but also rid the barns of pests of all kinds.

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5. A Gentle Giant

The Maine Coon has a sweet and happy character. very peaceful, no ounce of aggression is not present with him. Affectionate, he loves his master more than anything in the world and shows unfailing loyalty. On the other hand, he finds it difficult to bear loneliness.

Very sociable, he can adapt to any type of environment, people and animals. It is an ideal playmate for children who like to integrate into family life. In short, the ideal cat. And besides, he does not meow, but roucoule !

maine coon kitten
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