5 things to know about this completely fluffy cat

The Ragdoll (which means “rag doll” in English) is a gentle giant that has seduced the French. His quiet strength and intense blue eyes make him an ideal companion cat. Proof of this is that it is found more and more often in our homes. But beyond his physique of great beauty, this feline has many qualities. We have not found any fault with it, that is to say! To find out more about this furry ball that looks like the perfect cat, it’s over here!

1. A relaxed cat

Called “rag doll” because it has habit of completely relaxing when taken in the arms, the Ragdoll has what it takes to seduce lovers of calm and placid felines.

He has such ability to relax that when he sleeps, he can even fall so deep is his sleep. Amazing for a cat, right?

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Credits: ZEROXO/Pixabay

2. Recent origins

The history of the Ragdoll cat is rather recent. Indeed, this breed appeared in the years 1960 in the USA. While a cat with white hair and blue eyes is run over by a car, a woman named Ann Baker saves her by taking her to the vet. This breeder of Persians then made her, once back on her feet, mate with one of her little proteges.

The kittens that were born from this crossing had a very docile characterwhich inspired their name “rag dolls”.

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Credits: ZEROXO/Pixabay

3. An imposing physique

The Ragdoll is one of the largest cats that exist along with the Maine Coon. It reaches its adult size at the age of 2 or 3 years. Its body is long, rectangular and powerful, but its head is more rounded. A male cat can weigh up to 9 kg and a female up to 6 kilos.

His mid-length to long hair is silky and helps give it that imposing look. On the other hand, it is easy to maintain sinceit does not tangle.

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Credits: lightinacube/Pixabay

4. Mandatory blue eyes

One of the main peculiarities of the Ragdoll is that it has large gorgeous blue eyes. You could get lost in it…

On the other hand, he may have 4 different coat colors : the colorpoint, the mitted, the two-tone and the van. Note, however, that its main color is always white, which comes in several different shades depending on the coat.

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Credits: woodsilver/Pixabay

5. He prefers apartment living

Unlike many felines, the Ragdoll is homebody. Living in an apartment will suit him perfectly. Very sensitive to noise and commotionhe is not reckless and will not feel the urge to explore the surroundings.

Very discreet, he overflows with love and has a great need for affection. So, if you are the type to be away often and for a long time, it is better not to opt for a Ragdoll!

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Credits: Kadisha/Pixabay