5 things to know about this majestic cat

The Persian is one of the most famous cat breeds in the world and is high in the ranking of the favorite cats of the French. His character and his physique fascinate. Here are 5 of the main characteristics of this sweet feline.

1. Ancestral origins

The Persian has the chat angoras originating from Turkey as ancestors. It was in 1620 that an explorer, Pietro della Valle, brought back from Perse (current Iran) these cats with incredible fur in order to introduce them to Europeans. From then on, the success of the Persians was dazzling. This breed was even presented in 1871 to the first feline beauty pageant organized in Great Britain.

chat persan
Credits: deliabertola/Pixabay

2. An Olympian calm cat

The Persian cat has a very sweet character. He loves calm more than anything and can’t stand being disturbed in his routine. Meals should therefore be taken at the same time each day. Ideal for families with grown children, this cat likes to laze long hours on the couch. Very noisy homes where cries echo throughout the day are not suitable for this cat. lover of tranquility.

Very discreet, he is not a great mewler. Communication goes more through his gaze, which says a lot about his desires and needs. He also has a great need for affection contrary to what he might sometimes try to make believe. This cat does not have the independent and solitary temperament that we regularly attribute to it, quite the contrary…

chat persan
Credits: keulefm/Pixabay

3. Regular maintenance

Its magnificent fur requires a daily brushing. In effect, his hair gets tangled quickly. If he is not brushed in time, scissors will be the only solution to remove the knots from his coat. In addition, he could swallow large amounts of hair while grooming, which could cause him many intestinal and respiratory problems.

Regular cleaning of the Persian’s eyes is also a must for all owners of these magnificent felines. Indeed, some impurities quickly accumulate at the corner of their eyes because of the watery eyes of which they are victims as well as the abundance of their hair.

chat persan
Credits: duruerdemm/Pixabay

4. An elegant appearance

His robust and imposing musculature associated with his thick, silky coat makes him one of the most majestic cats in existence. His round head and his crushed muzzle give it an atypical, even aristocratic appearance. His big round eyes give off a great impression of softness.

chat persan
Credits: uadrienn/Pixabay

5. Sometimes fragile health

The Persian cat’s diet should be monitored very closely. Indeed, given its massive build, this cat is likely to grow easily. It is good to remember that obesity is a source of heart problems in animals as well as in humans. Prioritize a varied, balanced food and in a reasonable quantity will therefore limit the risk of seeing health problems appear.

Moreover, the flattened muzzle of the Persian can cause him respiratory problems. Skin and kidney problems are also not uncommon in this breed. Despite everything, the Persian is a solid cat whose life expectancy is between 15 and 18 years.

ginger persian cat
Credits: Cat Café/Flickr


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