5 things to know about this miniature leopard-looking cat

The Bengal cat or Bengal cat is as majestic as the tiger of the same name. Originally from California, the Bengal cat is the result of a cross between a leopard Bengal cat and an American Shorthair cat. This association makes it a cat with very pleasant characteristics.

1. Wild origins

The Bengal cat is one of the few cats that actually has wild origins. Indeed, the animal at the source of its creation is a wild cat which is often found in Asia and which has a spotted dress like that of a leopard.

This feline is as big as the cats that we know and has a hunter instinct very sharp. This instinct allows him to survive in the wild feeding on small prey and fish.

Credits: gustavmelin0/Pixabay

2. A sharp hunting instinct

The Bengal cat has a particularly strong musculature. Very dynamic, he needs to spend himself. Having access to the outside is essential for this feline whose favorite activity is hunting. If it is destined for an apartment life, it will need many toys and the regular presence of its owner.

Also, don’t be surprised if he often brings you his trophies, this top predator is anything but clumsy when it comes to catching prey. Thus, do not scold him when you see him with a small animal in his mouth, simply prefer to ignore him to show him that this kind of gift does not interest you.

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3. Incredible coat

The coat color of the Bengal cat is simply amazing. Similar to that of a leopard, it is usually brown with black spots.

Adopting a cat of this breed is a good choice for those looking for a cat in rare and atypical physique. This little domestic leopard will certainly be emulated by all the people who come across it.

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4. An easygoing temperament

The Bengal cat is a cat that can easily adapt to any situation. He adores play and climb all over the house. But he also knows how to remain calm if he feels that his master needs peace.

This cat has a high sensitivity which allows him to know what behavior to adopt depending on the mood of those around him. It is therefore able to adapt to each person and their way of life. On the other hand, he is not a big fan of caresses.

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Credits : Sean McGrath/Wikimedia Commons

5. An unconditional love of water

This feature is quite rare in cats. Is it due to his origin as a wild cat who loved to fish? In any case, the Bengal cat is a water lover. The bath will therefore not be a chore with him.

However, be careful not to overuse the water, otherwise you will damage your skin!

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Credits: Irina_kukuts/Pixabay