5 things to know about this sacred cat

The Siamese cat has a physique of great elegance. And her blue eyes are simply fascinating. Forgotten for a few years because of a sulphurous reputation, it is making a strong comeback in French homes. If you want to adopt a cat and you don’t know which breed to choose, here are 5 good reasons to adopt a Siamese.

1. An ancestral history

The origins of this breed go back to a time that those less than 700 years old cannot know. Legend has it that the Siamese are descended from sacred cats of the temples of Siam (former name of Thailand). Their name would therefore come from this country.

The breed then established itself in Great Britain from the 19th century, then to the United States. He has since become one of the favorite cats of the French.

Siamese cat
Credits: webandi/Pixabay

2. A competitive physique

No, but look at those intense blue eyes… And that slender body… There is no doubt, the Siamese is one of the most elegant cats that exist. His dream physique is highly appreciated by lovers of our feline friends.

This playboy has a fine bone as well as long legs. Its very studied curves make it a cat that could be described as very “racy”. And not only is he handsome, but he’s also adorable!

Siamese cat
Credit: rihaij/Pixabay

3. A completely devoted cat

Victim of a sulphurous reputation, the Siamese has often been shunned. Some remain convinced that this cat does not allow itself to be stroked and pulls out its claws at the slightest opportunity. It is completely false! First, each cat has a unique character. Then, even if some breeds have predispositions in terms of temperament that others do not, it is education and lifestyle that defines the temperament of each feline.

Contrary to what its reputation suggests, the Siamese is predisposed to be a very (very) affectionate cat. Entirely devoted to his master, he does not resemble the image of an independent cat that some may have. On the contrary, her affection is boundless. He loves cuddles and loves to follow his master everywhere in the house like a good little dog. Can’t stand the lonelinessthe Siamese is therefore not suitable for a family that is often away from home.

Siamese cat
Credits: liliy2025/Pixabay

4. A social temperament

No, the Siamese is not wild. He is even rather the very sociable type. Inveterate talkerhe can spend hours “discussing” with his master.

This short-haired cat also likes other animals and love playing with children. on endless patience makes it one of the most tolerant cats with young children.

Siamese cat
Credits: ARLOUK/Pixabay

5. A cat that accepts walks on a leash

Our little furballs are rarely tempted by a short walk on a leash. They leave this chore to the dogs. It is not for nothing that the Siamese is also called “cat-dog”. Son sociable and outgoing temperament allows him to learn new things very quickly.

His unconditional love for his master makes learning to walk on a leash even easier. Indeed, if he understands that the leash allows him to follow his master wherever he goes, he will accept it with the greatest happiness.

Siamese cat
Credits: ARLOUK/Pixabay

Discover other information about the Siamese catthis one-of-a-kind Asian cat!

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