5 things you absolutely need to know about this bent-eared cat

In recent years, the Scottish Fold has been all the rage. And for good reason, his big gold or copper-colored eyes and his little ears folded forward give him a unique face and really too cute. A curvy cat!

1. Scottish origins

In 1961, a small white female named Susie was born in Scotland. Following a genetic malformation, it has folded ears. Later, Susie gave birth to a litter, this is the beginning of the Scottish Fold breed!

But the little ones are all affected by limb and tail deformities. The breeders then carry out crossings with British Shorthairs in order to remove these malformations, giving rise to the Scottish Fold that we know today.

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2. A tender and reserved cat

The Scottish Fold represents calm and embodied wisdom. Never oppressive, even rather reserved, he is never against a caress but will not insist if he feels that you do not have the head to take care of him.

Very affectionatethe Scottish Fold needs the presence of Man but also supports loneliness when it is not too regular.

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3. A social temperament

Even if he does not like to impose himself, the Scottish Fold is a sociable cat. He will be comfortable with all the members of the family, children including, as well as with other animals. Absolutely not aggressive, there is no chance that he will start biting or scratching.

On the other hand, the Scottish Fold likes its tranquility and hates being pushed around.

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4. Short hair, unlike its cousin the Highland Fold

The Scottish Fold has a dense but short coat, unlike its cousin the Highland Fold which has long hair. It is able to withstand the vagaries of the weather but is more suitable for apartment living. Indeed, he likes his comfort, especially when it comes to lazing around warm all day on a nice soft sofa.

To adopt a Scottish Fold kitten, count between 500 and 1,500 euros!

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5. Health issues

Given the particular form ears, the Scottish Fold is extremely susceptible to ear parasites. Thus, it is very important to clean his ears almost daily. Be careful, do not use a cotton swab, you could hurt him!

The Scottish Fold also runs the risk of being deaf, especially cats with white coats and blue eyes (like other cat breeds). Finally, he may also encounter arthritis problems, especially in the tail and legs, which can lead to total paralysis. So, if you notice any stiffness in your Scottish Fold, do not hesitate to take him to the veterinarian.

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