5 tips to make your cat play sports without knowing it

Ever since they were domesticated, cats tend to get overweight. And for good reason, they now spend more time lazing on the sofa rather than going hunting. Why bother when the food comes almost straight into their mouths? And yet, they too need to exert themselves to maintain good health. To exercise your cat, here are 5 tips that work every time!

1. Hanging toys

Cats are generally attracted to anything that moves. So, to distract your tomcat when you’re not there, hang on toy door and window handles (feathers and bells work particularly well) attached to a string. The slightest draft will cause the yarn to move, sharpening your hairball’s predatory instincts.

2. Hidden Treats

The cat has a particularly fine sense of smell. Also, his favorite pastime is hunting. Thereby, hide their favorite treats in several corners of the house could stimulate it for many hours. Not only will he like to go in search of these good smells to flush them out, but he will also love to delight in them once he has found them. On the other hand, be careful not to hide too much, it shouldn’t grow even more!

belly cat
Credits: iStock / ramustagram

3. High bowls

This simple trick consists of placing your cat’s bowls on high surfaces, such as the kitchen worktop, the top of the stairs or even a table. Thereby, every time your cat feels hungry work it out, it will have to exercise to sustain themselves.

4. Obstacle courses

There are many accessories to offer your cat a real playground in the house. Mix cat tree, scratching post, high walkways, bridges, tunnels and hiding places to create a gigantic obstacle course! Need ideas? So see you here!

5. A buddy!

What could be better than a second cat to make your tomcat run? Indeed, two cats can quickly be brought to play together if they get along well. Be careful to choose a feline well whose character may suit your first companion. If they hate each other, cohabitation may be difficult…