50 Absolutely Adorable Japanese Names for Cats and Dogs

Top 50 Best Japanese Names for Dogs and Cats

Are you fascinated by the Land of the Rising Sun and have you just adopted an animal? So do yourself a favor and name it Japanese style! And remember, a name for a dog or cat should be short and audible. For inspiration, it’s here!

Here is the list of selected Japanese names for your furry friend:

  1. Aiko : child of love
  2. Akemi : dazzling beauty
  3. Guys : spring flower
  4. Aki : fall
  5. Akiko : autumn child
  6. to wear : apricot
  7. Order : enfant double
  8. Chihiro : very deep
  9. Chika : wisdom
  10. For : twilight
  11. Chalk : child of twilight
  12. Chomei : famous
  13. Daiki : great hope
  14. Emi : divine beauty
  15. Fubuki : snow storm
  16. Fuku : happiness
  17. You smoke : literature
  18. Gaiya : mother Earth
  19. Ginko : child of money
  20. Hachi : eight
  21. Hana : fleur
  22. Hikari : light
  23. Hiro : grand
  24. Hoshi : star
  25. Hoshiko : star child
  26. Isao : he who rules the world
  27. Junko : devoted
  28. Kaori : parfum
  29. Kasumi : fog
  30. Katsu : victorious
  31. Keiko : respectful
  32. Kiku : chrysanthemum
  33. Whom : beautiful tree
  34. Chemical : favorite
  35. Hooked : enlightened man
  36. Countries : child of the dance
  37. Michiko : beautiful wise child
  38. Mitsu : light
  39. Nana : apple blossom or seven
  40. Oki : high sea
  41. Satoko : good child
  42. Shiro : fourth son
  43. Suki : loved
  44. Takako : noble
  45. Takeshi : brave
  46. Toshi : year
  47. Umi : mer
  48. Yoko : child of the sun
  49. Yoshi : libre
  50. Yuki : snow
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Choosing the right name for your dog: quite an art!

If you’re about to adopt a little furball, you probably know how important the choice of name is. If some people think that, as with children, the choice of first name can influence the character of the wearer, others simply consider that it can also be loaded with symbols. In any case, dog owners take this choice very seriously. This name will indeed be worn by your four-legged friend throughout his life, so he should not tire you after just a few weeks. To choose it well, here are some simple tips to follow.

A choice according to the breed

The breed of your dog can indeed be a source of inspiration to find the ideal name for him. I have to say that the size of the animal is very importantand you may not give the same first name to a poodle as to a greyhound.

The importance of sound

As you probably know, animals, and especially dogs, are very sensitive to sounds. So you have to find a relatively short and easy-to-pronounce namewith consonants that differentiate it from other everyday words, so that it can be easily recognized from the start.

The year of birth of your dog plays on the initial of the future first name

In the case of pedigree dogs registered LOF, you must choose the initial of their name according to their year of birth. An obligation that does not apply to other dogs, but which can still be a source of inspiration for you.

Here you are armed with a whole anthology of Far Eastern appellations. Suggestions which, we hope, will have accompanied you in your thinking and enabled you to adopt a name that will suit your pet as much as yourself. And if nothing here really convinced you, take a look at the 160 animal names from Disney movies. As for those out of inspiration for their long-eared furball, here is 100 adorable names for rabbits.