6 good reasons to adopt an old cat

Adopting a kitten is the dream of many future cat owners. With their cute face, hard to resist! However, there are excellent reasons to prefer to adopt an adult cat, even one that is already well advanced in age… Find out which ones!

1. He is clean

An old cat already knows how to use a litter box and has acquired all the notions of hygiene essential for a domestic cat’s life. No risk therefore for you to have to clean any small incidents. Well, until he gets really, really old…

Indeed, at a very advanced age, cats can develop a urinary incontinence. But rest assured, this is not the case for all old cats!

2. He has his character

An elderly cat has already built its own personality. It will therefore be easier to choose a cat in accordance with your life habits and your own temperament. Plus, you’ll know what to expect for the future. Indeed, once the character of a cat is formed, there is little risk that it will change.

3. He sleeps (very) often

If you are looking for a cat calm and who spends most of his time sleeping and cuddling, opt for an old cat. Indeed, kittens are much more energetic and need a lot more attention.

Credits: sjallenphotography / iStock

With kittens, do not imagine taking advantage of your evenings and your weekends to take a nap!

4. He is educated

Kittens are very cute, but the problem is that they don’t hesitate to destroy furniture or anything in their path with their claws (including your ankles and hands). If you don’t want to say goodbye to your brand new sofa or grandma’s curtains, adopt an already adult cat.

5. He is grateful

An old cat knows how to be grateful to the person who took it in. love he will carry you will perhaps even be stronger than that of a kitten who will have grown up by your side.

6. You are his last chance

To adopt an old cat is to give a little happiness to an animal with a difficult life and sometimes even save its life. Without you, he could be euthanized or spend years locked in a cage, alone and sad.

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