6 precautions to take for your cat

The Christmas period can be particularly dangerous for your cat. Indeed, many accidents, sometimes fatal, occur during the end of year celebrations. Find out what dangers await your cat and how to deal with them in order to have a safe Christmas.

1. Food

The holiday season is a time when we have fun when it comes to food: unlimited chocolate, sweets, chestnuts, chestnuts, turkey, salmon… Only, all these foods turn out to be particularly harmful for our feline friends, in particular because they are far too sweet or too salty. Thus, be sure to do not leave your table scraps within reach of your cat. And if he comes to beg at the table, don’t give in under any circumstances, it’s for his own good!

Indeed, if your cat eats a food that is toxic to him, he could become poisoned or even die. In the event of poisoning, you may observe the following symptoms: vomiting, diarrhoea, intense thirst, convulsions. In this case, go to a veterinarian urgently.

2. Decorations

The problem with the glass balls, is that they break. Thus, it is better to favor plastic balls that are not likely to hurt your cat, especially if he decides to play with them (you have to admit that it’s tempting with all these hanging balls…).

Similarly, it is better to do without the artificial snowtoxic to felines, and garlands that your cat might want to chew on. Ingestion of bits of garland (or other decoration) could cause a intestinal obstruction and result in his death. And let’s not even talk about the risks of burns and electrocution with the electric garlands !

3. The tree

Having a Christmas tree is a tradition in many homes. However, the tree can represent a real danger for pets, especially cats. Indeed, these curious little ones do not hesitate to take it for a real tree and to cling to branches.

Thus, your Christmas tree must absolutely be stable. For this, be sure to take a fir tree with a wide and heavy base or at fix it on the floor or on the wall.

christmas tree kitten
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In addition, make sure your cat does not ingest the leaves of the fir tree because the needles could puncture his intestine ! Also, make sure he doesn’t drink the water in the pot fir tree, because it would be guaranteed intoxication!

4. Plants

If you usually decorate your home with holly or kiss you under the gui during the Christmas holidays, be aware that this can be dangerous for your cat. The reason ? Certain Christmas plants are particularly toxic to him, notably the hollythe guithe poinsettiathe love apple treel’if or even theblack hellebore.

If you have seen your cat ingest it, go to the vet!

5. Candles

Cats are real acrobats and it is difficult to put objects out of their reach. Thus, in order toavoid any risk of burns but also of fireskip the candles for Christmas!

6. Gifts

As to giftsput them under the tree at the last momentthis will prevent you from finding their shredded packaging… Especially since if your cat were to swallow gift wrap or ribbons, it could kill him.

Likewise, immediately put away small toys offered to your children (miniature type) to prevent your cat from being tempted to play with them and swallowing them.

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