here’s how to keep them warm in the winter

Unlike cats which have fur on their bodies, hairless cats do not have a natural heat shield. In fact, they are particularly exposed to the cold when temperatures drop. Fortunately, there are a few tips to avoid the cold snap. Here are which ones!

If you’re cold, so is your cat

To know when the temperature becomes too cold for your hairless cat, base yourself on your own feelings. So if you’re cold, your cat is too. Indeed, these felines have the particularity of having only one very fine down of hair on the body, which is somewhat ineffective against the cold.

However, other signs can alert you: your cat is shaking, seeking warmth from lamps, heaters or the sun, folding its paws under its body, etc.

As a reminder, there are several breeds of hairless cats. The most famous of these is of course the Sphynx. But we can also cite the Donskoy or the Peterbald.

The simplest solution: a sweater

To warm your cat, the simplest solution is to put a sweater on it. So certainly, this may not please everyone, and even less to those who can’t stand the idea of ​​dressing their animal. However, this is not about disguising your hairball for the simple pleasure of your eyes, but to render him a service.

In fact, putting a sweater on your hairless cat during the winter will be a great help to him on a daily basis. This will allow him to retain his body heat and therefore waste less energy trying to conserve it alone.

chat sphynx
Credits : iStock / sergeyskleznev

One small downside though. Just as is the case with necklaces, one should not neglect the possible danger of clothes for cats. Indeed, our feline friends could cling somewhere and get stuck, or even strangle themselves unintentionally. So choose clothes specially designed for our feline friends and which adapt perfectly to their bodies in order to limit the risk of accidents. In addition, only leave your cat with a sweater if you are also present and able to watch it, even from afar.

Good to know : conversely, do not have fun making a cat with dense fur wear a sweater, as this could prevent it from regulating its body temperature and thus create overheating.

Also warm his sleeping place

Cats lose the most heat when they sleep. And, given that they are animals that sleep a lot, it is essential to arrange their sleeping area so that they are always warm.

To do this, you can install blankets all sweet. Remember to wash them regularly to avoid the appearance of possible irritations on your cat’s skin. Indeed, it is important to remember that hairless cats have more sensitive skin, and often more oily, than other felines.

In addition, you can also offer a heating pillow to your cat. In this way, he will always be well protected from the cold during his nap.

Also watch out for the sun

The lack of hair on these felines is not only disabling in winter, it is also in summer. And for good reason, they do not benefit from a natural barrier against the sun’s rays. Because the bristles not only protect against the cold but also against UV rays.

In fact, Sphynxes and other hairless cats are more likely to catch Sun burnor even to be victims of heatstroke. It is therefore essential to ensure that they are kept cool inside the house during the hottest hours. Or, failing that, to put a UV protective clothing before letting them out.