How to determine the sex of a kitten?

Until the age of a month and a half, it is almost impossible to distinguish a male kitten from a female kitten. However, it can be very practical when you want to adopt or when you find a litter of abandoned kittens. Don’t worry, there are a few tricks.

Calculate the distance between the anus and the genitals

To know if the kitten you hold in your hands is a male or a female, gently lift his tail and observe his genitals. In the male, the penis is further from the anus than the vulva in the female. Indeed, in the male the distance between the anus and the genital orifice is 1,3 cm while in the female it is 0,5 cm.

Then, when the kitten grows, its genitals will be easily recognizable. The vulva of the female is in a hairless area and has the appearance of a small vertical slot while the penis of the male is located in a hairy area and looks like a small round dot. Likewise, if you see a small bump between the genital orifice and your kitten’s anus, it is surely the scrotum and therefore it is a male.

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Credits: Andrew_Deer / iStock

Look at the color of the dress

Another tip is to look at the color of the kitten’s coat. If this is tricolor, it is surely a female. In effect, only cats with the X chromosome can have a coat with three colors. The same goes for calico (with white) or tortoiseshell dresses.

Moreover, ginger or tabby cats are usually male.