How to protect your cat from the cold: 5 tips to follow

Cats seem more resistant than us to low temperatures, thanks in particular to their dense coat and their higher body temperature. However, they are not superheroes, and winter can also prove to be difficult for them. If your cat is very young, old or sick, you will have to take even more precautions to keep him warm. Here are a few tips that will allow you to protect your feline from the cold but also and above all from its worst enemy: humidity.

1. Arrange a bed near the radiator

The time when cats need heat the most is during their naps. This is when their body temperature is most likely to drop. In order to allow your cat to warm up during his periods of rest, be sure to install a comfortable bedding for him. near a radiator, or even on it!

2. Scatter blankets

A good way to protect your cat from the cold is to leave warm blankets in several strategic places of the house. Thus, he can slip under as soon as he feels the need.

3. Enrich your diet

If your cat has outdoor accessin addition to ensuring that he does not sleep outside at night, you will have to provide him with a higher protein diet than usual. Or increase your food ration slightly.

cat snow winter
Credits: Max Pixel

Indeed, to protect itself from the cold during its outings, your fur ball expends more energy than usual and therefore no longer needs to eat!

4. Avoid drafts

In winter, be sure to install your cat in rooms protected from drafts. Especially if he suffers from osteoarthritis or rheumatism! Indeed, the cold has the gift of wake up muscle or joint pain.

5. Dry it thoroughly

To prevent your cat from falling ill, it is essential to always dry it well after each walk in the snow or after each bath. In effect, humidity associated with cold is the best way for your hairball to catch a cold. Never leave your cat wet in winter, even slightly!