How to recognize a Maine Coon cat?

For the past few years, the Maine Coon has been at the top of the ranking of the favorite cats of the French. And for good reason, this feline, considered the largest cat in the world, is the ideal cat. Not only does he have a golden temperament, but his atypical physique also sets him apart from other cats. But what exactly are its physical characteristics? Here are some tips to be able to recognize a Maine Coon cat for sure!

1. Head

To tell if a cat is a real Maine Coon, the first thing to look at is its head. His cheekbones must be particularly marked, its muzzle should be squarehis large, oval eyes and pronounced chin.

As for his ears, they are large, wide and erect on his head. They are also bushy inside since you can see hairs coming out of it. Sometimes it is even possible to note the presence of tufts of hair (called plumes) on the top of his ears, like a lynx.

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2. Body

The Maine Coon has a particularly muscular body, rectangular, with a broad chest and large legs. This big cat can even measure up to 1 meter long. It’s very simple, when you see a Maine Coon, you are immediately struck by its disproportionate size. You will also find on this subject a complete description of the Maine Coon on Le monde des chats.

But what really sets him apart from other cats is his weight. Indeed, a female Maine Coon can weigh 4 to 7 kgwhile a male can reach the 6 to 12 kg. By comparison, the weight of an average domestic cat is usually between 3 and 5 kilos.

If a Maine Coon can reach the weight of a medium-sized dog, it is because the breed grows particularly slowly. In effect, this cat does not reach its adult size until the age of 2 to 5 yearsagainst 1 to 2 years on average for other cats.

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3. Hair

The Maine Coon is a cat poil mi-long. Its fur is relatively short on the front legs and shoulders, but gradually becomes longer on the back, sides and especially the belly. The bushiest parts of its body are its tail, legs (particularly between the fingers) and its neck, which sports a collar. Almost any color is allowed.

In addition to being sublime, soft and silky, its fur is also a excellent protection against the cold. Indeed, it allows the Maine Coon to easily resist bad weather, especially since it has the advantage of being raincoat.

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4. Temperament

The personality of the Maine Coon is easily recognizable, even if everything obviously depends on the environment in which the cat evolves. However, Maine Coons tend to have a real dog behavior.

And for good reason, they are playful, sociable, docile, affectionate and can even be educated. They are also known to play “fetch” or to run to the door to greet their owner when he returns home. Maine Coons are also one of those cats that love water and which have the particularity of roucouler instead of meowing!

5. Price

If you are planning to adopt a Maine Coon, only knowing that he has a pedigree PRAISE can assure you that he is purebred. But the price can also be a good indication. Indeed, the price of a Maine Coon generally varies between 450 and 1700 euros. However, the average price is 1100 euros.

Good to know : a LOOF pedigree is in fact a document which presents the genealogical tree of the cat. Its ancestors are all listed there, over several generations, which makes it possible to know exactly its origins and therefore to give it the status of “purebred cat”.

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