The 10 breeds of cats that perfectly resist loneliness

We believe that all cats are extraordinarily independent creatures, and rightly so. Despite everything, many tomcats need a human or animal presence, even if this is not necessarily perceived in an obvious way in some individuals. Yours at home, for example, loves you dearly. Thus, your caresses and your company are reassuring to him and remain essential to his development. IThere are, however, feline breeds that tolerate loneliness more than their counterparts.

1/ And Bengal

This cat is from the United States. The Bengal is also a cousin of the leopard cat, a species of wild feline. He owns a highly developed hunting instinct and he needs access to the outside or a large indoor space that allows him to play and exercise as he should.

chat bengal
Credits: Irina_kukuts/Pixabay

2/ The British Shorthair

This breed of cat comes from Great Britain (you guessed it). Its round head is reminiscent of a famous cartoon tomcat inspired by a work by Lewis Carroll. The British Shorthair enjoys a very calm temperament which allows him to spend time without company (all things considered). It makes him an ideal apartment cat. As this feline has an annoying tendency to gain weight, it is better to equip your living room with a cat tree or play with it from time to time, it loves it.

chat British Shorthair
Credits : George E. Koronaios/Wikimedia – CC by 4.0

3/ The Norwegian cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat adapts extremely well to solitude. It is an ideal animal if your work takes you away from home for several days. However, the outside world suits him more than a castle life. Access to the garden therefore remains essential for this feline from the Nordic countries.

norwegian cat
Credits: Astrid860/iStock

4/ The European wildcat

Also called the forest cat, the European wildcat is found in Eastern, Western, and Central Europe. As its name suggests, it lives in dense forests and does part of the untamed felids. He fears humans and therefore has no need of their presence.

chat sauvage d'Europe
Credits: pum_eva/iStock

5/ The Turkish Angora cat

Originally from Turkey, this domestic animal is known for its strong character. Large spaces adapt perfectly to the life of the Turkish Angora cat, even if he can just as well feel at ease in an apartment, as long as he can roam.

turkish angora cat
Credit: Halina Pinchuk/iStock