The 9 official coat colors of the cat

Cats are animals known to have a wide variety of colors and patterns on their coat. But did you know that there are actually 9 official dress colors? These 9 colors are plain dresses, without patterns, also called solids. Moreover, when the cat’s hair has stripes or spots, it is called a tabby coat. Discover with delight the main colors of one of the most popular animals in our cottages.

1. Noir

The coat is an intense black, without reflections, and united from head to tail. In addition, the eyes are golden or green. Remember that the signs of bad luck attributed to the black cat are only superstitions, sometimes unfortunately creating a feeling of disgust mixed with rejection in some people, while others find that seeing this “dark” feline is synonymous with good fortune.

black cat
Credits: _Jasmin_/Pixabay

2. Blanc

The coat is of a plain and immaculate white. The eyes are golden, green, blue or minnow. In contrast, the majority of all-white cats are unfortunately deaf.

White cat
Credits: harvey117/Pixabay

3. Bleu

The color blue is actually a gris clair verging on lavender. The eyes are orange or green.

blue cat
Credit: junko/Pixabay

4. Crème

The color is pastel and pale, a mix between white and red. And the eyes are orange.

cream cat
Credits: Timur85/Pixabay

5. Cinnamon

The cinnamon, or cinnamon, dress is of a red-brown color. In reality, it is very rare and is found especially in Oriental Shorthairs.

chat cinnamon
Credits : Chats rule/Wikimedia Commons

6. Chocolat

We are talking about brown or chocolate for this dress, which can be both light and dark. On the other hand, the color must be united all over the body. The eyes are copper.

chocolate cat
Credits : Dave Scelfo/Wikimedia Commons

7. Lilac

The lilac dress is also called lilac. In fact, the color is gray with a pink sheen. The eyes are copper. We find this shade on the British Shorthair cat, which has its origins, you guessed it, from the great Anglo-Saxon island.

chat British Shorthair
Credits : George E. Koronaios/Wikimedia – CC by

8. Fawn

The fawn coat, or fawn, is of a color pale beigeeven caramel.

fawn cat
Credits : Photo by Joachim Berger-Uelsberg and Dr. Gabriele Uelsberg/Wikimedia Commons

9. Roux

The robe is deep red or orange. Almost all ginger cats have a mandatory robe tabby. Moreover, they are often males!

Credits: i_talay / iStock

All in all, a legitimate question then arises: is it possible that the color of the cat influences its character? In addition, we have presented the most representative shades in cats. However, some breeds have a simply atypical dresssuch as the leopard-looking Bengal cat, or the Ragdoll cat, associating its gray and creamy white colors of its hair with that of its ocean blue eyes.