The benefits of having a cat at home!

Having a cat does not only mean having an animal, it is also enjoying a company, a being that is part of your family. So of course you have to feed him and change his litter, but that’s nothing compared to the love and comforting presence he brings you.

1. Blood pressure drops sharply

Having a cat by your side helps to reduce tension, to be more in tune with yourself. A study by the very serious State University of New York even stipulates that petting a cat helps lower the tension arterial. As a cat owner, you also have less risk of having a heart attack or a stroke.

2. Having a cat: towards a better mental balance?

The cat is an incredible companion that stabilizes your mental health. The caresses and his presence help you to get better and to better focus on your daily life. In short, it helps you stay positive!

3. A form of emotional stability

The presence of a cat at home helps to feel better about yourself, especially for single people. Indeed, the cat is a particularly reassuring presence.

cat love
Credits: Uschi_Du/Pixabay

4. Decrease stress

Petting a cat, hearing its purr, feeling its presence not far from you, these are the positive attributes that justify the fact that having a cat can reduce a person’s stress. Some have even set up the purrtherapy a purring therapy that is really very beneficial for those who indulge in it.

5. Live better over the long term

Concretely, cats can live 20 years or more. This is why the qualities that are theirs have been part of our daily lives for all these years. Stress decreases, tension too, emotions stabilize, children are happy… All these factors contribute to improve our living conditions.


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