Top 10 cat breeds that get along well with dogs

We know that cats like peace and quiet. However, these are not the two qualities that characterize dogs the most. Despite everything, there are certain breeds of cats that tolerate our canine friends more than others. If you are a dog AND cat lover, this list is for you!

1. The Maine Coon

Considered the largest cat in the world, the Maine Coon has a small dog character. Very sociable and affectionatehe also has the rare distinction of loving water.

chat maine coon
Credits : Tobacco The Jaguar/Flickr

2. Le Ragdoll

As its name suggests, the Ragdoll is a real “rag doll”. In fact, when you take him in your arms, he relaxes and gets all soft. Very calm and placid, he will not be impressed by a dog.

chat ragdoll
Credits: ZEROXO/Pixabay

3. The Tonkinese

Very lively, this cat whose favorite game isfetch the ball like a dog, needs large spaces to exercise. Very attached to his humans, he hates loneliness.

tonkinese cat
Credits: Edenvane/Wikimedia Commons

4. The Abyssinian

Very playful, the Abyssinian is a cat that love the interaction. Having a dog as a best friend will not be a problem for him.

chat abyssin
Credits : Linda Andersson/Wikimedia Commons

5. The Sacred Burma

With a nature as calm as it is joyful, the Sacred Birman is a cat happy to live. A dog who loves life and play just as much as he can quickly become his dearest friend.

sacred cat of birma
Credits: iStock

6. Bombay

This cat at completely black coat is curious and patient. He knows how to adapt to all kinds of situations, including the arrival of a dog in the family.

chat bombay
Credits: Pxhere

7. The Norwegian

This large, sturdy cat from the Norwegian forests is a excellent hunter who doesn’t fear the cold… Or dogs! Not saying that he weaves very strong ties with them, but he will know how to deal with it.

norwegian cat
Credits: Astrid860/iStock

8. L’American Shorthair

Highly intelligent, the American Shorthair has the art of knowing how to control himself. No matter what happens, he will never lose his cool. He is also a reckless and curious cat who needs access to the outdoors to go on an adventure.

Chaton American Shorthair
Credits: Pxhere

9. The Siberian

This big cat, full of love, knows how to adapt to all families: with or without children, with or without dogs… Even if he has an avid desire for freedom, he can live in an apartment provided he is sufficiently stimulated.

siberian cat
Credits: RitaE/Pixabay

10. The Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is distinguished by its short tail curled on itself, in the shape of a corkscrew. Very talkative and deeply sociable, he is a particularly endearing life companion.

japanese bobtail cat
Credits : ようてい/Wikimedia Commons