Top 10 Smartest Cat Breeds

Intelligence in cats translates into their ability to learn new things and adapt to their environment. Each feline is unique and has its own little character, but sometimes some breeds are more inclined than others to be intelligent.

1. The alley cat

Champion par excellence of adaptation, the alley cat is a formidable life companion. Affectionate, easy-going and particularly resourcefulthis common cat that can take on a thousand and one different colors is certainly the most intelligent of its species.

alley Cat
Credits : G.romaneVHUGO/Wikimedia Commons

2. The Sphynx

Sweet but dynamic, this hairless cat has an atypical physique that fascinates or repels. Often considered a real pot of gluethe Sphynx is very affectionate and endowed with an extraordinary intelligence.

chat sphynx
Credit: s3jelv/Pixabay

3. And Bengal

Sensitive and incredibly sociable, the Bengal is able to adapt to all situations. He knows how to respect his human’s moods and is never intrusive. Endowed with great gentleness, this cat remains all the same in love with his freedomwhich he needs to be happy.

chat bengal
Credits: iStock

4. The Siamese

Known for his strong personality, the Siamese is also particularly affectionate and knows how to show great fidelity. Its intelligence makes it a somewhat impatient and possessive cat, which finds it difficult to trust strangers.

Siamese cat
Credits: webandi/Pixabay

5. The Savannah

This miniature leopard-like cat has many people cracking up. And for good reason, his playful and friendly temperament makes it a child’s best friend. The Savannah is also an outstanding hunter who needs to exercise regularly.

chat savannah
Credits: skeeze/Pixabay

6. And Sokok

A domestic cat with a still somewhat wild character, the Sokoke comes from the forests of Kenya where it lived in the trees and fed on flying insects such as butterflies and flies. Sociable, gentle and eager for freedom, he needs space to climb trees when it suits him.

chat Soko's
Credits: AmyDreves/iStock

7. Chartreux

Very independent, the Chartreux appreciates its tranquility and solitude. He decides when he wants to play or cuddle. Discreet, even Reservethis cat is not likely to upset your little habits.

chat chatrtreux
Credits: LucasBouillon/Pixabay

8. Le Cornish Rex

Friendly and balanced, the Cornish Rex is also a terribly affectionate cat who loves hugs more than anything. This little feline has short, curly hair which makes it somewhat vulnerable to the cold. His keen intelligence makes him all the more endearing.

chat cornish rex
Credits : Olivia2/Wikimedia Commons

9. The Persian

Famous for its incredible fur, the Persian is a cat that could be described as lazy. He loves to take long naps on the sofa and is not against a little caress from time to time. Calm and proud, this cat lacks the slightest hunting instinct.

chat persan
Credits: keulefm/Pixabay

10. The Maine Coon

Known for being the largest cat in the world, the Maine Coon has an incredible ability to adapt: ​​it can hunt, swim, scare away pests, cuddle, play with children… This cat with extremely friendly and sociable temperament can live in any family, provided they are treated with respect. A gentle giant, of sorts.

chat maine coon
Credit: fcja99/Pixabay