Top 5 apartment cat breeds

City lovers are increasingly tempted to adopt a pet, especially a cat. Indeed, the cat is an animal which requires few constraints and which adapts to any type of environment, even to smallest apartments, as long as it is sufficiently stimulated. But there are breeds that are more homebound than others for whom life in the great outdoors will not be missed in the least. Discover our top 5 breeds of cats in apartments!

1. The Persian

It is THE benchmark for indoor cat. The Persian has a phlegmatic, even lazy character, and would much rather spend his days on the couch than go out on the road. On the other hand, being very affectionate, he requires a lot of attention and will hardly support the long absences of his human. It is therefore out of the question to leave him alone all day.

chat persan
Crédits : cromaconceptovisual/Pixabay

2. Le Ragdoll

Known for his ability to become completely relaxed et elastic when taken in the arms (“ragdoll” literally means “rag doll”), the Ragdoll is a cat particularly calm and gentle, completely devoid of defensive instincts. On the other hand, it is a real pot of glue. He needs contact and makes it felt. Again, it is strongly recommended to avoid going away too long when adopting a cat of this breed.

chat ragdoll
Credits: ZEROXO/Pixabay

3. Russian Blue

Very independent, the Russian Blue will delight those who would like to adopt a cat, but who work all day. Indeed, he supports loneliness very well if he has enough toys available. On the other hand, he is very attached to his tranquility et can’t stand the noise and stress, which is incompatible with a life surrounded by children.

Good to know : to prevent your cat from getting tired of his toys, remember to perform a rotation. To do this, give him his ball on Monday, his feather duster on Tuesday, his squeaky toy on Wednesday etc. The rest of the time, carefully hide the other toys.

russian blue cat
Credits: Desha/Pixabay

4. The Sacred of Burma

Very homebodythe Sacred of Burma knows how to show a absolute calm. He loves contact with his humans, without being too sticky. On the other hand, he is distinguished by his temperament to say the least stubborn and sulky, who will force you to give in to all his whims.

sacred cat of birma
Credits: iStock

5. The Devon Rex

Very chilly Because of its fine, curly coat, the Devon Rex does not like to venture outside very much. Affectionate and very sociable, this cat will be perfectly happy in an apartment if he lives with other cats. In addition, he will need a lot of attention, whether it’s cuddles or wild games. The little extra? He is one of the few cats that can be trainedespecially to go out on a leash!

chat devon rex
Credits : Izzy/Wikimedia Commons