What annual budget should you plan for your cat?

Do you want to adopt a cat? Very good idea, but it is essential first to know if you will be able to provide for all its needs!

The first year

The adoption of the cat

The cost of adopting a cat depends on many factors: race, age, gender. In addition, if you adopt from a breeder or if you adopt from a shelter, you will clearly see the difference in price.

For a purebred cat, from a breeder, count between 500 and 2000 €. In a shelter, adoption will cost you a hundred euros. This price includes the animal’s veterinary costs such as sterilization or identification.

The material to be provided

  • Cart : between 20 and 100 €.
  • Litter : the price can vary between 15 and 100 €. It all depends on whether you want a simple litter box, a toilet house or a self-cleaning litter box. Also consider buying a litter scoop for around $3.
  • Bowls : between 2 and 10 € per bowl. There are also food vending machines for prices starting at €30.
  • A transport box : between 20 and 60 €.
  • Games : the price is about ten euros per set but if you want a cat tree, prices can start at 30 € and go up to a hundred euros for more sophisticated models.
  • A claw cutter : between 5 and 20 €.
  • A brush : between 10 and 30 €.
  • A scratching post : between 5 and 30 €.
cat tree
Credits: marjoleiny/Pixabay

The first visit to the vet

The first visit to the vet with your cat will cost you between 30 and 200 €, depending on whether you have a kitten or an adult cat. Everything will also depend on the state of health of your hairball.

  • Sterilization: around €50 for a male and €100 for a female.
  • The first vaccination or the booster shot: approximately €70.
  • Identification by electronic chip: approximately €70.

Note that other health costs, such as flea repellents or dewormers, must be taken into account. This type of treatment generally costs around fifteen euros and must be repeated several times a year.

Every year

The food budget

Your cat’s food budget will depend on the quality of the food you feed them. So, count between 20 and 100 € per month. Note that wet food (pâtés) is more expensive than kibble.

The litter budget

For an effective litter, count 15 to 20 € per month. Over the year, the litter will therefore cost you around 200 €.

Note that it is advisable to change the litter once a week. You will therefore need one to two packs of litter per month.

The veterinary budget

The estimated veterinary budget for a cat is approximately 200 € per year. It includes control visits (around €50), vaccine reminders (around €60) as well as various treatments such as deworming.

And if you decide to opt for insurance for your cat, it will cost you between 5 and 20 € per month.

deaf cat
Credits: Natalia Kuzina / iStock

The beauty budget

Some breeds of cats, especially those with long hair, require one or two groomings a year. If this is the case for your cat, count around fifty euros for each visit to the salon.

The holiday budget

If you go on vacation and you can’t take your cat, the pensions will cost you ten euros per day.

Assessment: the budget to be planned over the year

To conclude, during the first yearcounting the adoption of the cat as well as the care and accessories it will need, you will have to pay between 400 and 1500 €.

Thereafter, every year, it will be necessary to add food, veterinary expenses or even grooming. The annual budget for your cat is therefore estimated between 700 and 1,000 € per year.